Capital Management

Shareholder Return Policy

The company aims to achieve a total returns ration of 50% or more, including dividends and repurchase of own shares

In order to improve capital efficiency, we will maintain an appropriate level of equity capital and allocate surplus capital to growth investments and shareholder returns.
Regarding dividends, our basic policy is to distribute surplus twice a year, an interim dividend and a year-end dividend.


Fiscal Year Annual dividend per share
FY2022 50 yen
FY2023 100 yen

※For FY2022, the annual dividend was 90 yen, including an interim dividend of 40 yen per share at Hokkoku Bank and a year-end dividend of 50 yen at the company.

Repurchase of own shares

Repurchase period Number of shares (in thousand) Total value (in million yen)
Nov 2021 ~ Mar 2022 1,000 2,562
May 2022 ~ Apr 2023 1,990 8,999