Name Hokkoku Financial Holdings, Inc.
Head office 2-12-6 Hirooka, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, JapanMAP
Business description ・Banking business and other management of companies that can be held as subsidiaries pursuant to the Banking Act, and all other business incidental or related thereto
・Other business that can be conducted by the holding company of a bank pursuant to the Banking Act
Started capital 10,000million yen
Incorporation October 1, 2021
Fiscal year end March 31
Stock exchange for listing Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
(Securities code: 7381)
Share units 100 shares
Consolidated Subsidiaries The Hokkoku Bank, Ltd.(bank business)
The Hokkoku General Leasing Co.,Ltd. (leasing business)
The Hokkoku Credit Service Co.,Ltd. (credit card business)
The Hokkoku Credit Guarantee Co.,Ltd. (credit guarantee business)
The Hokkoku Servicer, Ltd. (debt collection business)
Digital Value Co, Ltd.(System development business)
The CC Innovation, Ltd.(consulting business)
The QR Investment, Ltd.(investment business)
The FDAlco, Ltd.(investment advisory business)
The COREZO, Ltd. (electronic commerce business)
The BPO Management, Ltd. (outsourcing business)